The internet recruitment company CV-Online Latvia, upon having surveyed 11,369 respondents online, has announced Latvia’s most sought-after employers of the year in various categories. LSEZ “Lauma Fabrics” SIA is among the awarded companies, having been honoured with second place in the category “TOP Employer 2019 in the Kurzeme region”. The company currently employs 409 people and is one of the largest employers in Kurzeme.

“We are very honored to have been so highly recognised and pleased that compared to last year we have moved up one place – from third place to second place. We will keep up our efforts to preserve the trust of our existing as well as potential employees,” says the chairman of the board of LSEZ “Lauma Fabrics” SIA Mr. Edijs Egliņš.

LSEZ “Lauma Fabrics” SIA is one of Europe’s leading lace, elastic knitwear and ribbon manufacturers, which sells its products to a variety of lingerie brands in both the eastern and western markets. The company has been operating in Liepāja for over 50 years and it employs a variety of professionals, mostly related to textile production. The company invests in new equipment and technologies every year, and accordingly, also in the employees, who service said equipment. To attract new specialists, LSEZ “Lauma Fabrics” SIA cooperates with the local schools and it offers internships and training for students.

You can find more information about LSEZ “Lauma Fabrics” SIA on the company’s website

LSEZ SIA Lauma Medical, which manufactures medical belts and bandages “Lauma Medical”, was established in 2019. The newly established medical textile company employs around 50 people.

For the ninth consecutive year, the survey was carried out by a leading internet recruitment company CV-Online Latvia. The results of the survey are available on