From January 2019, European Lingerie Group (ELG) will start with in-house production of spacer molded cups at one of the Group companies, Lauma Fabrics plant, located in Liepaja, Latvia.

“Starting spacer cups molding at Lauma Fabrics is an important part of the production strategy. Lauma Fabrics has many years of experience in producing fabrics, laces, narrows and fabric molding, but investment in spacer molding will bring us to next level. Demand for comfortable, breathable, light underwear is growing worldwide and spacer bra is the best product to support this trend,” said General Manager of LSEZ Lauma Fabrics SIA, Mr. Edijs Eglins.

Lauma Fabrics bought the molding machines for the spacer cup production from a Felina supplier who closes lingerie spacer cup production department by the end of the year and will focus on other business lines. Previously, the spacer cups were purchased from various suppliers.

This development reinforces the full vertical integration of the Group and offers new possibilities for growth. Premium lingerie producer Felina, also an ELG company, will be one of the biggest clients for Lauma Fabrics in spacer cups.

“To use spacer cups produced in-house give Felina more flexibility and the option to react quicker to market demands. For Felina, the market for spacer cup bras is an important growing segment, accounting for over 11% of the company turnover. Our plan is to extend the spacer bra range and to grow the business. This increased independence enhances also our innovative capability,” commented Managing Director Sales & Marketing of Felina GmbH, Mr. Christian Stolba.

Spacer cups are breathable cups with special chambers to offer maximum comfort. The fine material is elastic and makes the cups light. Due to the flat edge, the shells remain invisible even under tight clothing.

In addition to supporting the vertical integration of European Lingerie Group and its companies, bringing spacer cup molding in-house allows Lauma Fabrics to enter the market of spacer cup production in the near future for new customers and supports Felina’s strategy to grow in the important segment of spacer cup bras.

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